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Massage Therapy Trends

The health and wellness franchise market is exploding, especially for niche businesses that offer massage therapy.

Be part of the health and wellness industry with your own Citrus Massage location.

Massage therapy is no longer simply considered a luxury for the wealthy, but more a recommended part of overall treatment for a variety of conditions that affect American adults. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this $16 billion industry.

More than 50 million American adults discussed massage therapy with their healthcare providers over a one-year period, and 36% of physicians recommended massage therapy as part of an overall treatment plan.

The National Holistic Institute states massage therapy may help with a variety of conditions from back pain and carpel tunnel to boosting immunity and withdrawal symptoms.

Massage therapy contributes to four of the six dimensions consumers view as in the wellness category: better health, better fitness, better sleep, better mindfulness.

Newcomers to massage therapy are heeding the advice of trusted professionals, and Citrus Massage delivers a professional experience they can count on.

Be a part of the popular health and wellness industry with your own Citrus Massage spa.

Health and Wellness Industry Snapshot

The global health and wellness economy is expected to grow at nearly 10% per year through the end of the decade, to $70 trillion.

79% of survey participants believe wellness is important, while 42% consider it a priority in their lives.

81% of employers plan to invest in resilience and stress management for their employees

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Now is Your Time 

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Health and wellness are American buzzwords. Now more than ever, consumers are taking better care of themselves and seeking alternative ways to reach their wellness goals. If cultivating a forward-facing and truly worthwhile business intrigues you, we hope you’ll take that very first step and connect with us. We’ve got friendly folks standing by to answer all of your questions.